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Readers Respond: What Do Eye Styes Feel Like?

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Updated September 09, 2009

From the article: Stye
Eye styes are small bumps that can appear on the outside or inside of your eyelid. Eye styes can cause pain, redness, tenderness and swelling in the affected area. Have you ever had a stye? If so, what did it feel like? Share your eye stye symptoms and read those of others.

It got smaller!

I woke up in the middle of the night i tried poking it but its no use when i held my ipad called help it got smaller and i only feel little of it.
—Guest John cart


the day before I realized the bump in my eye was a stye, I thought I had pepper spray in my eye (long story) so I just used eye drops to soothe my eye. well the next day my eye started to hurt whenever I touched it, so I began to wonder. and now I have a small red bump in the corner of my eye, though it doesn't have any spot so I'm wondering if that will affect it any. I'm hoping that if I put a warm washcloth It will help it go away. It hurts to blink and now the side of my face seems to hurt:(
—Guest rc

well...i don't know if it's a stye

well.. this morning i got up and i started to feel like if there was something in my eye then when i looked in the mirror it was a white little ball. it bothered me everytime i blinked but im not sure if it's a stye or something else. i looked up for a stye and i read all the information about a stye. i freaked out!!!!! because honestly i've never had a stye before....so please help me i don't know what to do!!!
—Guest isabella

Johnson's baby shampoo

My doctor told me to clean it with Johnson's baby shampoo. Styes are contagious and spread easily. Keep it clean! Once I used the Johnson's it went away!
—Guest Kelly


I wear little makeup, only mascara. I don't usually wash it off because I don't wear a lot and during the day it wears away. I have a very small bump that feels like a very, very small ball on my left eye. Is it a stye? I am scared!
—Guest G-Money Dawgg


I was watching Tv and got up to go pee. When I looked in the mirror it looked as if I had a zit on my eyelid. I haven't told my parents or anyone for that matter but I can't sleep and I am freaking out. It doesn't hurt but I am freaking!
—Guest Minie

Don't worry

I get styes a lot and the best thing to do is LEAVE THEM ALONE! Don't rub them, it puts more germs in it. Use cloth soaked in water and stay off mascara for a few days.
—Guest Katie

I'm about to cry

Cheer tryouts are tomorrow and my eye is red it hurts to blink and it is horrible to colse my eye. I heated up a washcloth and put it on my eye. It helped for about two minutes and now it hurts again.
—Guest Beck

Again and again

I just had a stye, about 3-4 months ago, and I thought it was ALMOST gone.... but now it's back. Just like that. I was at a softball tournament and I came home, read a little bit, then went to the bathroom, and there it was! It's on my upper right eyelid. It doesn't hurt much, but it looks really bad. I have to go to school tomorrow! How am I going to survive? I also have a solo in 4 days. I REALLY hope it's gone by then.
—Guest GlassCastle

My stye feels like I am blind

I have a stye on the bottom right eye closest to my nose. It kills and I put on medicine but it doesn't seem to do anything (as i believe). I look ugly and it is all swollen and there isn't even a white head on it. The medication says it will take 5 days to get better but I can't wait that long.
—Guest lolcats


The best cure I've found for these little beasts is eyedrops, and then take a damp washcloth, heat it in the microwave for 30 seconds and hold on your closed eye (if its too hot, or not hot enough, adjust the time). This has always felt VERY soothing when I get them, and it also causes the stye (mine always look like a hard little red lump) to swell into a larger white headed lump (much like a zit). this causes the stye to either self rupture (do NOT puncture them yourself) or causes the bloodflow to come clean the infection out. If the stye does self rupture, rinse the eye out with contact solution or eye drops (the medicated kind you can get from the doctor that help numb the pain are tremendously helpful in this whole ordeal.) I took care of my stye overnight by repeatedly heating and pressing the damp washcloth on the stye.
—Guest cameron


I'm not sure if it's a stye. I'm only 12...is that normal? It feels like a bruise but only in one little spot on my bottom eyelid. It does not hurt when I blink and does not itch. So, is it just a bruise or is it a beginning stye?
—Guest Ally

Ugly stye

I was at school and when I got home my eye started hurting. It felt as if someone had socked me on the corner of my left eye. I looked in the mirror and noticed a huge bump on the corner of my left eye. It started hurting so much toward the end of the day. The next morning I woke up and it was big and swollen. It looked like I got beat up. The pain was strong but not as strong as today! It is really swollen. It's nasty and red and it hurts to blink or to even push or do anything. I can't take this pain. I think it was eyeliner and now I can't put any makeup on because of this big thing in my eye. I don't even want to go to school because it's so ugly I'm embarrassed.
—Guest Guest

HELP! I don't want my friends to know

I think I have one. Its hurts all the time. It feels bruised and if I get a spot on my eye. I'm definitely not going to school! I want none of my friends to know so I haven't said anything yet! I woke up late this morning...do you think it has anything to do with that?
—Guest steph

What is wrong with my eye?

Around 11 am I felt something in my eye. I ran into the bathroom and rinsed out me eye and didn't see anything in it. Every time I blink I feel something and it also waters up a lot. I don't see anything in my eye. Is it a stye or something else? I'm scared to go to sleep because every time I close my eye it feels worse.
—Guest jen
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