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Readers Respond: What Do Eye Styes Feel Like?

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Updated September 09, 2009

From the article: Stye
Eye styes are small bumps that can appear on the outside or inside of your eyelid. Eye styes can cause pain, redness, tenderness and swelling in the affected area. Have you ever had a stye? If so, what did it feel like? Share your eye stye symptoms and read those of others. Share Your Stye Symptoms

Oh well...

The thing that works best with me is to get a warm washcloth and put it on my eye. Although It may not totally cure the stye, it really helps with the swelling... I hate going to school with my eye swollen like a ballon. It also helps with the pain. But it will continue to remain painful... so, Oh Well! It will eventually go away on it's own.
—Guest Caprice

eye hurts

i have a pain like when you get a bruis pain but its in my eye top left cornnor.
—Guest guest

Eye Stye

I noticed my stye the day before yesterday. So I warmed up filtered water, then got a clean cloth and put it up against my eye, it soothed it a lot. So I repeated that when I would itch. The next day I put on NEOSPORIN, it kills bacteria (which in most cases causes the stye on your eye. And today I repeated both steps. My eye is looking/feeling better. Give it a try it really helps.
—Guest f

This Hurts!

Yestarday i woke up fine a few hours before bed my right eye lid started hurting without touching. It also gets very swollen very fast and it doesnt go away even when i put hot or cold compresses on it so i dont know how to deal with all the pain to be honest. i guess i should visit the doctors and get some eye drops or ointment. Right?
—Guest In A Lot Of Pain

How do I get rid of it?!

Yesterday, My eye was getting puffy and it started throbbing so I thought it would go away if i slept. I woke up today and my eye was hurting like crazy!!! So i washed it and went to school i came home checked my eye there was a pimple so i knew it was a stye. I put a warm compress over it and it hurted even worse! The pimple got bigger and theres icky gooey stuff in my eye help!
—Guest Hellppp

It's killing me

I have been having a pain like someone punched me in the eye.It was pink at first.I was thinking something got in it like make-up eyelash ECT.But now it really hurts.I hate it is killing me.!
—Guest Liliscrazy

Stye treatment

I used to get styes about once a month and the eye doctor said to use Bleph-10 drops along with a hot green tea compress.
—Guest Alan


I have a stye and I've been Using eye drops and the swellings gone down but i haven't seen any white head on it but I can't tell if that's good or bad?
—Guest Me

Guest Dee

Woke up last night with pain and soreness below my eye. Today I have a white painful spot on my lower eyelid and inflammation all round. Very sore and my eye keeps watering. Going to a funeral - lots of crying so imagine what my eye is going to look like afterwards.
—Guest Dee Forrest

my stye

I think I have a stye.. it felt like a bruised eye lid and hurt when I touched it for a coupke of days there was no swelling or sign of a stye type pimple a couple more days webt past and my eye just looks mildly swollen, nothing to extream. It hurts to blink. Today is day 5 with the sore eye and today feels better than yesterday.. I expect it will be better in the next 3 or 4 days
—Guest will

is it a stye

i have a slight pain toward the left corner of my eye. it hurts everytime i blink or touch my eye but there is no swelling. Not sure what it really is
—Guest paula


Swelling in cheek as well and under eye is sometimes purple style I within the lid not on outside, it's been four days and getting worse,
—Guest JUDY

Stay away from warm compress

a nurse told me to do so, put warm compress, i hesitated because whenever i put warm compress over an abscess it gets worse. both abcess and styes have pus. So anyway, because she's a nurse, i listened to her - lo and behold the freakin warm compress made it bigger. So just stick to the ointment!
—Guest Pissed off

Stye's hurt!

I recently got my first stye. I still have it I got it three days ago. By tomorrow or the day after it should be popping. I do not recomend home remedies. Get to a GD to prescribe you medicine. And do NOT TOUCH YOUR STYE. It will only cause it to get worse. Hope my info helps.
—Guest Megalin

Right eye corner of lower lashline

Corner of the right eye lower lash line got swollen and it is hurting really bad now everytime i blink. Please help me - it happened for the first time with me. The pain is really bothering me and it's really painful!
—Guest Susan

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What Do Eye Styes Feel Like?

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