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Readers Respond: Ways to Keep Red Eyes Away

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Updated June 02, 2010

From the article: Top 10 Causes of Red Eye
Red, bloodshot eyes are a common complaint. Have you ever wondered how your eyes can be fine one minute, then red and irritated the next? Many environmental elements can trigger a red eye flare-up, including humidity levels or certain odors. Find out how others avoid the triggers that cause red eye and share your tips as well. What works for you?


I have on my left eye been a redness that goes from nose to eye ball. Like a lightning redness. Now it is full blown red. Eye drops do not help it has been red and bothering me for a year.
—Guest chrissy

Red eye

In my initial qutsieon: I DO NOT have a problem with dark circles! I was saying that most products out there are for dark circles or puffiness. I DON'T have those problems. I'm wanting a good ANTI-AGING wrinkle cream. Don't people thoroughly read the full questions? The last two answers were about helping to treat dark circles.
—Guest wSLRRVqfOeVpAoV

My eyes are red

Please, I want to know why lately when I go out, my eye becomes red and now it's becoming stagnant.
—Guest Martana

Red eye trigger

My eye becomes red when I go outside. I need some full details.
—Guest ravikishore

Red eye

I had red eyes when I was was about 13 years old. It become redder when I got hot.
—Guest reuben

Red Eye Side Effect

I'm taking eye drops to control eye pressure but the drops are making my eyes bloodshot. Any suggestions out there?
—Guest Markk

Red eye

I have a redness of my eyes. I dont know what is the cause of this. Before I thought that I just have sore eyes. But later on I realized that it's sore eyes but also sometimes it's red and sometimes it's not.
—Guest Dianne

Red eye and B6

I have been taking B6 for around a year now. I stopped taking the B6 because six months ago because my doctor told me to. My red eyes started and stopped when I stopped. The doctor said to get back on them. I did and my red eyes came back within a week. I take 200 for deficiency. My eyes are red from the iris to the corner of the eye, really red and sore but not too sore. Could it be a reaction to the B6? I see my doctor next week and will be talking with him about it. I would like to know what you think.
—Guest Sally

Red eyes

My left eye was bloodshot for about 6 months, then over the past 4 years it's both my eyes. It's sore. This makes me stay in a lot because I have lost confidence. I would be grateful for any advice. I feel the optician isn't helping much.
—Guest lorraine

First time red eye

My nephew and neices had pink eye a month ago, so im guessing I have it now, but my eye looks bloodshot red! The eye drops they used for pink eye dont seem to be helping my eyes at all! So since I have allergies, I'm now taking allergy meds, my eyes are so watery and red. I just turned 31! Some way to celebrate a birthday! I woke up Thursday morning with a bad swollen red eye, and now the swelling has gone. Now it's Saturday night and my eye is so watery and red still.
—Guest Cassandra

Red eye, foggy vision and imense pain

For 5 years I have had red eye. First the doc said eye infection and for 3 years the antibiotics got it away, but it always came back. The disease or injury comes early winter about 1-2 months before Christmas when it turns cold. The medicine stopped removing it the 4th year and I've had it since. Now at the 5th year the meds keep it halfway away, but it suddenly got worse, I had redness that has lasted 2 weeks or more now and I can't see out of that eye. The other eye is 100% healthy apart from -1.0 vision, the infected eye had 1,25, but I'm assuming it has somewhere lower than -3.0 now. It is painful, it's red and no medication works against it. I don't know where it comes from, the only thing that has ever happened to my eye was a fly in 8th grade and the first "infection" broke out in 9th grade. An optician thought I might have inflammation, but the doc says this is "probably" not correct and won't give me the meds for it.
—Guest Robin

Red eye

My eyes are burning and they feel dry. My eyes have been filled with a cold in the corners.
—Guest lemma purcell

Red eyes

I am a 34-year-old man. How do I reduce red eyes. I have dry eyes...please give me a good answer.
—Guest sagarthapa.

Proper rest

By giving proper rest and watching less television, computer, etc. and by putting eye drops regular on time, your eye stye should improve or go away.
—Guest Paras

Red Eye

My eye becomes red after twenty days. What is the solution? Please give me information about red eye.
—Guest NIKAM

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