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Readers Respond: Ways to Keep Red Eyes Away

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Updated June 02, 2010

From the article: Top 10 Causes of Red Eye
Red, bloodshot eyes are a common complaint. Have you ever wondered how your eyes can be fine one minute, then red and irritated the next? Many environmental elements can trigger a red eye flare-up, including humidity levels or certain odors. Find out how others avoid the triggers that cause red eye and share your tips as well. What works for you? How Do You Avoid Red Eye?

red eye

i was worried about the my red eyes so, i need to know the reasons and also sloution
—Guest shruthi

eye redness in one eye only

doctor my one eye is becoming red there is no itching and no pain but i m afraid how can i get rid of it
—Guest yubraj thapa

Red eye

Recently my left eye has been red like busted blood vessel .doctor said it was a busted blood vessel. Eye cleared up I have a new contact for that eye. Now eye is red again. It looks like I have a new contact but remove the contact when eye became red again Could the can contact caused the eye to be red again? I only have to wear one contact.
—Guest Virginia Thompson

red eye

My eyes seem to be very sensitive to everything including smoke, food when you are cooking, fumes from everything. I have been to doctors and tried different things. Please help they make me feel bad all the time. I cannot seem to enjoy anything beacause of my eyes. They really make me miserable
—Guest janice

Left red eye problem

My left eyeball has been red for a week when I wake up in the morning. Eye drops clear them up.
—Guest Ethel Dillon

Red Eyes

There is no way to go. I am having this same problem for more than a year. I have used many eye drops but no go...we have to just live with it.
—Guest Ganshyam

Red Eyes

My son has had red eyes with no pain, one more severe than the other for the last 10 years. I've taken him to eye specialists and none can figure out a cause. I'm frustrated. Will he ever find a cure? How to get rid of the red?
—Guest Odette Wins

Best eyedrops

If your eyes get red use rhoto (I think that's the name if not its close) eye drops you can get them at Walmart they are the best eye drops I've ever had and i have been using them for the past year. No matter how red my eyes get I can clear them up with rhotos.
—Guest guest

Red eye

My younger brother of age six has got red eyes, but without pain. What can I do to make it normal because he as used series of eye drops but no improvement.
—Guest guest PG Maity

How do you avoid Red Eyes?

Try to stay calm, in the moment. Get as much sleep as you can till the eyes are better and avoid over working. We shall die and work will still be here. Be realistic about what you actually need and enjoy every moment!
—Guest thejo

Red eye

My left eye gets red on the bottom below my pupil everday for the past two weeks and I look like I am crying. It does not hurt but I feel tired.
—Guest Guest PG Maity

Red eye

I've got unknown causes of red eye. No blood pressure problems and I'm diabetic.
—Guest mi

Dry and red

Both of my eyes are red for the last 5 years. I cheked with many doctors. They told me to use Refresh tears drops, artificial tears. I am using these drops for löng time, but it doesn't help me. What should I do to avoid my dry and red eye?
—Guest sagar

Red eyes

How can I make my eyes become normal? I feel ashamed every time I'm with my friend. Some people say my eyes are always red.
—Guest bummy villegas

red eyes

HowHO̶̲̥̅ can I treat nd avoil red eyes,I have use lots of eye drop by the doctor but no changes,please help me to get rid of dis red eyes diseases
—Guest ali

How Do You Avoid Red Eye?

Ways to Keep Red Eyes Away

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