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Before You Have LASIK


Updated June 18, 2014

If you are seriously thinking of having LASIK surgery to correct your vision, you most likely have a few concerns about the procedure. Even though the thought of waking up each morning with clear vision is exciting, several important factors must be considered. Before you sign up for LASIK, take some time to review the following information.

Are You a Good LASIK Candidate?

Not everyone is a good candidate for laser-vision correction. There are several conditions that may disqualify you from undergoing the procedure. A good LASIK candidate must qualify for the procedure by meeting several requirements. A thorough eye examination by an ophthalmologist or optometrist is a great place to start. If you meet the requirements of LASIK and are a good candidate for the procedure, laser eye-surgery preparation will begin.

Risks Involved with LASIK

Refractive surgery often produces great results; however, there are risks involved in any medical procedure. If you are considering undergoing LASIK, it is important to know the possible complications and limitations that may occur.

Your Vision After LASIK

LASIK will almost certainly reduce your dependence on glasses and contact lenses, but there can be no guarantee that you will be able to achieve perfect vision without glasses. It is very common, though, for patients to demonstrate excellent vision during follow-up examinations after the procedure and discontinue the use of glasses or contacts immediately.

Further LASIK Considerations

Changes in your vision after LASIK may or may not be permanent, as your eyes are still capable of changing internally. Most patients, though, are extremely pleased with their LASIK results.

Depending on the type of procedure being performed, LASIK usually costs between $2,000 to $5,000. LASIK costs have declined as the procedure has become more common.

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