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Learn About Eye Problems and Diseases


Most people will have a problem with their eyes at some point in their lives. Most eye problems are not serious and do not require a doctor's care. However, certain eye diseases are serious and can result in blindness if left untreated.
  1. Common Eye Problems
  2. Eye Diseases
  3. Disease-Associated Eye Problems
  4. Vision Tests
  5. Eye Injuries

Common Eye Problems

Eye twitching

The eyes are vulnerable to viral, bacterial, fungal and parasitic infections. Learn about these and other treatable problems, including dry eye syndrome and computer vision.

Eye Diseases

Vision with glaucoma

Many eye diseases have no symptoms. Regular comprehensive eye examinations are important for early detection and treatment of eye disease.

Disease-Associated Eye Problems

Many systemic diseases can affect your eyes in many different ways.

Vision Tests


Many eye and vision tests are used to detect problems and assess the health of your eyes.

Eye Injuries

A black eye

If you injur your eye, don't try to judge the severity of the injury. A visit to the eye doctor will lessen your anxiety as well as the risk of hurting your vision.

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