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Eye Health and Safety

Along with eye examinations, there are many things you can do to keep your eyes healthy and safe.

Omega Fatty Acids and Eye Health
Learn about the role omega fatty acids play in eye health.

Top 5 Ways to Protect Eyes from the Sun
Unprotected exposure to the sun s ultraviolet (UV) rays can increase the risk of developing cataracts and damaging the retina, which could lead to total blindness. UV damage is cumulative, so the longer your eyes are exposed to UV radiation, the greater the risk of developing conditions such as cataracts or macular degeneration later in life....

UV Eye Safety
The principal danger posed by the sun is in the form of ultraviolet radiation, or UV radiation. Exposure to UV radiation can harm your eyes and affect your vision.

Your EyesThrough the Years
We depend on our eyes for vision throughout our lives. Each stage of life presents new challenges and rewards, all of which are enhanced by our precious sense of sight.

Your Diet and Eye Disease
Studies show links between good nutrition and eye health.

Nutrients for Eye Health
Did you know that certain vitamins and nutrients play an active role in some types of eye disease or chronic eye conditions? For years we have heard that certain compounds found in vitamins and food are good for preventing http://macular degeneration, <a href="http://vision.about.com/od/sportsvision/p/Cataracts_Eye.htm">cataracts<…

Home Eye Safety
Learn how to protect your eyes at home.

Traveling Tips for Your Eyes
Follow these tips to ensure healthy eyes and vision while traveling.

Eye Emergencies on Vacation
Tips on handling eye emergencies while on vacation.

How to Drive at Night
Driving at night is difficult because the human eye doesn't see well in the dark. Here's how to improve your night vision.

Halloween Eye Safety Tips
Keep your child's vision safe this Halloween by following these tips.

Top 4 Reasons to Have an Eye Exam
Vision care is often neglected. How much could you actually accomplish in a day without your precious gift of sight? Here are four great reasons to schedule a comprehensive eye examination.

Top 4 Reasons to Seek Emergency Care
Many eye conditions are minor and temporary. However, these four conditions require a doctor's immediate attention.

Top 7 Good Habits for Good Eyesight
Having good eyesight greatly improves quality of life. Make a concious effort to keep your eyes in their best condition by following these quick tips.

All About Latisse
Learn about the prescription treatment Latisse for eyelash growth.

What are possible Latisse side effects?
Learn about the possible side effects of using Latisse for eyelash ehancement.

How does Latisse work?
How does Latisse eyelash treatment work?

Home Eye Injuries - Eye Injuries at Home
Do you protect your eyes from injury while at home?

What are tears made of?
Learn what tears are made of.

Why do we blink our eyes?
Learn the reason why we blink our eyes.

Pregnancy Vision Changes - Vision Changes During Pregnancy
What eye or vision changes did you notice during pregnancy?

Pregnancy and Vision
Along with a host of other bodily changes, pregnancy can affect your eyes and quality of vision. Changes in hormones during pregnancy are responsible for most of these changes. While these changes are usually temporary, they can signal more serious conditions. If you are experiencing vision or eye-related changes that you are concerned about, consult your obstetrician and ophthalmologist or optom…

Latisse Longer Eyelash Treatment - Longer Eyelashes
Would you use Latisse to enhance your eyelashes?

Aging Eyes
Did you know that many older people have good eyesight into their 80's and beyond? Growing older does not always mean you see poorly. But age brings changes that can weaken your eyes.

Corneal Abrasion
Learn all about corneal abrasions.

How does drinking alcohol affect your eyes?
How does drinking alcohol affect your eyes?

How does smoking affect your eyes?
How does smoking affect your eyes? The effects of smoking on your eyes and vision may be significant.

Top 7 Eye Care Myths
Top seven eye care myths and why they aren't true.

Plaquenil and Your Eyes
What you should know about your eyes if you take Plaquenil.

Permanent Eye Makeup
Learn about the possible complications of permanent eye makeup.

Makeup and Your Eyes
Learn about potential eye problems associated with cosmetic eye makeup.

Low Vision Devices
Learn about various devices that can improve low vision.

Five Eye-Opening Reasons to Stop Smoking
Learn reasons why you should stop smoking.

Acupuncture for Eyes
Learn all about the health benefits of acupuncture for the eyes.

Learn all about Triggerfish, a new way to measure eye pressure.

Learn how to treat and prevent springtime allergies that affect your eyes.

High Blood Pressure and High Cholesterol: Can They Hurt Your Vision?
Learn ways that high blood pressure and high cholesterol can cause damage to your eyes and vision.

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