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Contact Lenses

The vast selection of contact lenses available today can be overwhelming. Learn how contact lenses differ by the material they are made of, how often they need to be replaced, and whether or not they can be slept in.
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All About Contacts
Contact lenses are safe and convenient vision correction devices. Whether you are new to contacts or already wear them, find useful fact and tips about wearing contact lenses.

Before You Get Contacts
An overview of contacts.

Disposable Contact Lenses
Disposables are the most common type of contact lenses. Disposable contacts are made to be worn for a period of time, then thrown out and replaced with a new pair of lenses.

Color Contact Lenses
An image gallery of color contact lens choices.

Color Contacts: Which Color?
If you could change your eye color with contacts, what color would you choose?

Colored Contacts: A Good or Bad Thing?
Many people enjoy changing or enhancing their natural eye color by wearing colored contact lenses. How do you feel about colored contacts? Do you think they enhance a person's features or make them look ridiculous? Would you consider wearing colored contacts to change your eye color? If you already wear colored contacts, which color do you prefer?

Intraocular Contact Lenses
Learn about the various types of multifocal intraocular contact lenses.

Silicone Hydrogel Contact Lenses
Wearing contact lenses increases the risk of developing dangerous eye infections. Are silicone hydrogel lenses a safer alternative to regular soft contact lenses?

Determine Eye Dominance
This quick test will determine eye dominance. Find your dominant eye.

Decorative Contact Lenses
Decorative contact lenses have become quite popular in recent years, with demand increasing during the Halloween season. Special effect contact lenses are available with or without corrective power, so people who don't usually need contact lenses or glasses may still wear them.

Top 10 Ways for Contact Lens Users to Minimize Eye Infection
If you wear contacts, it is vital that you understand the importance of proper lens care. Properly caring for your lenses can prevent serious eye infections, some that could even cause blindness. Below are the top 10 ways for contact lens users to minimize the chance of developing an eye infection.

Top 5 Tips for Contact Lens Wearers With Allergies
Many contact lens wearers with allergies seem to encounter discomfort during certain times of the year. This discomfort is due largely to allergens in the air that become adhered to contact lenses. The allergens seem to cause miserable symptoms such as itchy, watery and swollen eyes. Here are five tips to help you through the periods of discomfort.

Top 5 Guidelines for Ordering Contacts Online
Contact lenses are medical devices that should be properly fitted and cared for to maintain healthy eyes and vision. Follow the guidelines below when ordering contact lenses online.

Red Eyes and Contacts
If you develop red eyes while wearing contact lenses , consider it a warning sign. While a contact lens may seem small and harmless, you must keep in mind that it is a foreign body resting on the surface of your eye. If your eyes turn red while wearing your contacts, it may mean you are simply overwearing them. However, there are many conditions that can cause increased eye redness while wearing…

Kids and Contact Lenses
Kids and Contact Lenses - Contact Lenses and Kids

Contacts for People Over 40
Learn about contact lens options for people with presbyopia.

Finding Comfort in Contacts
How do you find the most comfortable contact lens?

Computerized Contact Lenses
Learn how a new contact lens technology is being investigated to allow data to be streamed through contact lenses in order to provide a video display.

Medical Contact Lenses
Learn how contacts are being used for medical purposes.

Bad Advice for Contact Lens Wearers
Do you wear contact lenses? Learn the top ten words of advice that you shouldn't hear from your optometrist.

Top 5 Things to Do Before Getting Contacts

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