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Learn How to Keep Your Eyes Healthy


Your eyes are perhaps your most precious sensory organs. Learn how to keep your eyes healthy, including keeping them safe from harm and eye nutrition tips.
  1. Eye Anatomy
  2. How Your Eyes Work
  3. Your Eyes as You Age
  4. Protecting Your Vision
  5. Children and Vision

Eye Anatomy

Eye anatomy

The eye is a complicated structure with several working parts. Each part plays a vital role in allowing us to see. Learn all about the amazing anatomy of your eyes.

How Your Eyes Work

How eyes work

Your eyes are the organs of sight. Each part of the eye has an important role in paving the way for you to see. Learn the steps the eyes must take in order to achieve sight, and what may go wrong along the way.

Your Eyes as You Age

Aging eye

As we get older, our vision will change. We may require more light to see clearly and we may not be able to focus as well as we did when we were younger. Changes in our vision should be monitored to ensure clear vision and healthy eyes, and to catch or slow a developing disease before vision loss occurs.

Protecting Your Vision

Learn ways to protect your vision, one of your most precious senses.

Children and Vision

Parents must not overlook the importance of vision in their child's development. Learn how a baby's vision develops and how undetected vision problems can affect learning and daily activities.

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