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Newborn Baby Eye Care

Keep Those Tiny, Perfect Eyes Clean and Healthy


Updated May 06, 2014

The tiny, delicate eyes of a newborn baby need proper care because it is important to keep them clean and healthy. Using a soft washcloth or a cotton ball and plain water, you can carefully cleanse your baby’s eyes. Dampen a cloth or cotton ball with a little bit of warm water. With the baby's eyes closed, gently wipe the eyes from the inside to the outside corners. Use a different part of the cloth or a new cotton ball for each eye.

Some babies are born with blocked tear ducts. A blocked tear duct causes tears to form in the eyes and roll down the cheeks. Blocked tear ducts should be evaluated by a pediatrician, as they may require treatment if an infection develops. However, most blocked tear ducts tend to open on their own during the first year of life.

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