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Readers Respond: What Do Eye Styes Feel Like?

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Updated September 09, 2009

Under Top Eyelid..

I've never had a stye this bad! I woke up and it was like my eyes were glued shut! My eyes won't stop watering and my eye is almost swollen shut! I can't wait until this thing goes away!
—Guest b

One Good Eye

Two days ago, I noticed my right eye was tender. I thought I had an ingrown eyelash, but the tenderness increased and swelling ensued. Now, my eye is red, swollen, sore, sensitive to light, and annoying. I have had styes in the past, but this is the largest, and most painful one I have ever had. When will I see improvement. I am really tired of looking like a one-eyed monster, and my eye is very painful!
—Guest Brandy

My Stye Is Huge!

I have a sty in my eye and my eye is so swollen and it's underneath my eyelid. It hurts so bad and my eye will not stop watering. The light hurts even worse. When the light hits it, it feels like my eye is just being poked. I don't know how to get rid of this. I have tried everything. I cant stand it. Its the first time I have ever had one like this.
—Guest Tayler


Every time I blink it stings and I am 11 so my mom thought it was allergies. Now it's been 3 days since that stye appeared.
—Guest Alma

Hurts A Lot!

I've had styes before but this one is the worst! It's on my top eyelid. I turn my eyelid inside out and saw that there was this little pimple thing in my eye. Then I figured out that I got some woodchips in my eye and the dirt from them caused my stye. But it still hurts. I feel like popping it!
—Guest I hate styes!

My Stye Symptoms

When I first woke up, I had my stye that had grown over night. It felt as if something was in my eye or as if my eyelid were stuck to my eye. When this feeling would not go away, I realized I had a stye on my right eye in the tear duct. It felt very tender as if someone had punched it the day beforeand pain was very little unil I pressed on it.
—Guest Mallory

They Are Annoying

I have one now inside of the bottom and top of my eyelid. Which basically has closed it shut. Nothing really seems to be working and it hurts badly. hopfully it will be over soon. Plus, I feel like I have to wear my sunglasses everywhere, or else I will be giving everyone the stick eye. Bummer.
—Guest Elise

Severe Pain

My stye feels like a piece of glass under my eyelid.
—Guest Bradsinbradenton


Today i woke up to get ready for school, and my eye was hurting a lot. it was right above my eyelashes, and that part was swollen and red, and it hurt to blink! i thought it was a pimple, so i tried squeezing it, but i started crying because it hurt so bad. As i was at school, the swelling got worse, and i was so embarrassed! when i got home, i showed my mom and she told me it was a stye. she told me to pull out an eyelash that was close to or on the stye. The swelling did go down a bit. I'm just looking forward to going to sleep and seeing if it's gone by morning.. im thinking that it was caused by the eyeshadow brush i didnt clean.. i found it this morning and used it...........AHH i hate this stye!
—Guest kara

Very Uncomfortable

I went to sleep, woke up and my eye was tearing and was painful. The next morning when I went outside I could bareley open my eyes in the sunlight. My eyes were very sensitive even when I tried to keep my eyes closed I felt discomfort...having a stye is so uncomfortable.
—Guest yvonne

Two Styes

I've had a stye for nearly a week, it was really red and swallon. also every now and then my sight from my swallon eye went all blurry! one morining i could hardly open it coz it hurt to much to keep it open. my eye wasnt getting any better but the stye was gone. then today i noticed another stye and now my eye is more red and swollen. i have been using eye drop for it but it only takes the itchiness away!!
—Guest jess

My Stye

My stye started with a bump and then throughout the process of a day it progressed and gave me an ugly swollen red eye. :(
—Guest sara

I Look Like I Got Punched

Yesterday I had a kinda itchy-hurty bump on my eye. I didn't touch it at all. I woke up this morning and I have a big bruise about the size of a quarter under my eye! I don't want to be seen in public... I wonder if I'd look cool with an eye patch!
—Guest owe


I woke up this morning, and i felt like someone hit me in the eye! my eye is so sore and a little puffy. I absoultly hate this! thank god its on the inside of my eye lid so no one can see it!
—Guest julie


I have had a sty for about 3 weeks. At first it looked like a bruise as every one said but as time went on it grew. It just basically looked like 2 spots in the opposite corner of the tearduct. Then my other eye got it. It hurt at first but it doesn't any more. Even though it doesn't hurt there is a white liquid at the tear duct at the eye which isn't going away. it's probally the puss but now its progressed to the linning of the eye. i've tried eyedrops but nothing is working.
—Guest Brandon

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What Do Eye Styes Feel Like?

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