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Readers Respond: What Do Eye Styes Feel Like?

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Updated September 09, 2009


Okay...so I've had a stye before which happened to be on prom night and it didn't go away until I was prescribed eye drops. Now it's Xmas morning, I'm laying here with a washcloth over my eye once again!!! I rarely ever wash my makeup off before I go to bed. (probably why I got this thing again) and my doctor told me that you should get new makeup every 3 months, and definetly massaging it with a warm washrag feels ten times better!!!
—Guest chelsea

Eye Stye In The Morning

I woke up early this morning to a stye in the far inside of my left eye. (next to nose) I rolled my eyelid and stretched the lid to the left, exposing the stye. It feels like a b.b. pressing against my eyeball. I was hoping to get a clear 'grab' at it with some tweazers because I know it would feel better immediately if I could just get ahold of it and squeeze all that crap outta there! (hope you're not eating while reading this, lol!) I could NOT get a good grip and just caused more irritation. I grabbed a warm, moist compress and tried rubbing that on the spot, but because it's so far 'in' all that did was get my eyelids wet on the outside. After reading all about what you folks have gone through it looks like I just need to do that compress thing 4 times today--maybe stand in the shower with HOT water blasting right on it and maybeI'll get lucky and it'll drain. If not, I'll gladly pay the Dr. to pop that sucker if I can't get it! What a pain in the EYE!
—Guest Chops

A Stye

I woke up and my eye was a little sore, and it looked like it needed to be popped because it was white. So I popped it with clean tweezers. Now it doesn't hurt at all :) but will it be big tomorrow?
—Guest Lexi

I have 4 styes in both eyes!

Two weeks ago my husband got really sick and his eyes swelled and green stuff kept coming out and his eyes would not shut. He is all better. Now I have about 4 styes inside each of my eyes and they are continuously draining green stuff and they are both blood red and swollen.
—Guest melissa cooper

My stye

This morning I woke up with a little bit of a sore eye, then as the day past it got worse, and thn just now I was sat in bed and I rubbed my right lower eye but when I moved the skin it felt like I had been punch, this was at 11:45pm, then I left it and its really hurting now so I got outta bed and went to the bathroom and seen a redish swollen area on my lower right eyelid, I touch it but it was very sore, so I got my mum and she told me it was just a stye
—Guest Thing1

Do I really have a Stye?

I had just gotten back from my best friend's house when on my top lash line of my left eye it started to hurt. I went downstairs and told my mom and brother. They both just assumed it was a stye even though nothing was there. But there has been a lot of stress in my life and I wear makeup and some nights I forget to take it of and I touch my eyes A LOT. So I just have to wait and see if it really is a stye. I hope not!!
—Guest grace

No pain but still Stye

I have no pain but I still feel my stye. It kind of hurts when I poke it and I haven't told my mom yet because she freaks out and I hate that! I have been putting warm water on it and it's getting smaller. I hope it goes off tommorow!
—Guest Lula

Stye in my eye?

I developed a bruise-like feeling in the corner of my left eye and searched for a bump, but there was no bump. The inside of my eye is red and I suspect it is a stye. I assume I will have a bump later on in the day. Boo hoo!
—Guest kristie K

Popped a stye, got a swollen eye

My eyelid was swollen for two days and I didn't know what it was until I saw a little stye come in. I always scratch them and they go away, but when I scratched this one, pus came out. I cleaned it a bunch with eyeld scrubbers and was pretty much okay the next day. The day after that I woke up with a sore red, swollen eye. It kind of hurts, but not as much as it did before I popped the stye. Now I have cold tea bags on my eyes.
—Guest guest


I have had this thing on my eyelid for about a week. I have tried drops and soaking, dosen't seem any better.
—Guest stacy massagee

Is it a stye?

I have never had this before. Woke up in the morning..felt like someone punched my eye..it is a little red and itchy in the right botton corner of eye.
—Guest styer

My daughter's stye

My 4 year old daughter has been complaining of her eye hurting and itching for the past couple days. She woke up this morning for school and her eye was swollen and red under and over the eyelid. I figured it was just red because she rubs her eyes when she wakes up. But when she came home from school today, I noticed there was a tiny yellow/white pimple on the top of her eyelid. I then knew it was a stye. I put two eyedrops in the infected eye and held a boiled a small pot of water and dipped a washcloth in the hot water. I let it cool off a little until it was warm. I layed it on top of her eye and noticed after about 10 minutes, that the pimple was starting to drain puss. Which is a good sign. It's looking a little better, so I will continue to wash her eye with anti-bacterial soap, use the warm cloth and the eyedrops. Hopefully it will be gone in a day or two. It is painful to look at and she says its sore and hard to blink.
—Guest Cindy

My Stye

My stye happened happened as I was sick (typical sinus, cold) and as I felt poorly the same day my upper left eye lid started getting puffy and watered up like I was crying! And it also hurts my eye as I move it, and this just happened to me today I am so embarrased to attend school tommorow because of this stye that I havet. It's very, very uncomfortable and painful too, and embarrasing. I tried the remedies that I looked up and seems to ease the pain. I don't know how i got this, but I think it's healing.
—Guest Kevin

Don't rub

My styes start with an itchy feeling. If I realize it, I avoid rubbing, treat it and it usually goes away in a day. If I unconsciously rub my eye, I develop a full blown stye. Warm compresses, packaged sterile eyelid scrubs and eyewash help clear it up in a couple days.
—Guest stye vetran

My Stye

Woke up a couple of days ago to find my left eye felt a little briused and tender, as the day went on i noticed a little swelling under the eye, the next morning i pulled my eyelid back to have a closer look and found what i would descide as a fairly large yellow head on the inside of my eye, the area around it is bright red, it is constantly throbing but i would say the pain is more anoying then severe, i have been bathing it with hot boiled water and cotton wool which i must admit does seem to sooth it a little. xcx
—Guest Catherine

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What Do Eye Styes Feel Like?

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