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Readers Respond: What Do Eye Styes Feel Like?

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Updated September 09, 2009


Everyone...put teabags on them. (They must be steeped though.)
—Guest Ashley

Too many styes

I have had up to 13 in a year. Just at the end of June I had one for 2 months. The worst is this one I have now, it just popped. I do use very warm face cloths to get them to drain quicker and the eye doctor gave me a needle one time to lance it and it about ripped my eyelid off.
—Guest triggerpin

Do i really have a stye?

I woke up this morning with a pain in the right corner of my right eye, with just a small amount of swelling. When I turn my eyelid up I do see a smal bump. It itches a lot and it is painful. Is this all I am going to get, or will it get bigger?
—Guest joyce harris

I hope

Two days ago I was going to bed and my eye was hurting really bad like someone poked me right in the corner of my left eye. I didn't know what it was so I left it alone. The next day it was a little red and swollen. I hope I have a stye because I don't want it to be anything worse. It's still the same size after three days. I've put tea bags on it and wash cloths, but I think it's helping the swelling. It doesn't really hurt anymore like it did in the beginning but now when I touch it, it just feels like a bump in the corner of my eye. It's still a little red, but I dont know. We shall see tomorrow what the outcome is. I'm not going to the doctor, but it sucks because I can't put on makeup or wear my contacts. It doesn't really bother me as much as it scares me that I might have something other then a stye.
—Guest deee

I hate you stye.

I'm constantly getting styes. It hurts when I blink or roll my eyes. Today I popped it and flushed it out with eye drops. I'm Constantly putting on hand sanitizer. I hope I don't get an infection. My advice: don't pop a stye.
—Guest ICantThinkOfAName

Stye symptoms

Normally I usually get a stye during periods of stress, in rare cases, out of nowhere. I can tell it's a stye because my eyelid starts to swells and begins to get red. It hurts just to even blink. I usually describe it as a pimple on the rim of your eye.....DO NOT POP IT....I know someone who did that and had serious eye infections. My mom used to always heat up a teabag and lay it on my eye. It works.
—Guest Hailey

It is so sore

I woke up this morning and my eye feels like someone punched me. I don't know what to do. I've been putting on this hot washcloth and it's not working. To make things worse, it's smaller than my other eye and it hurts.
—Guest Cupcake

My eye hurts

I was on my computer then i started to feel somthing in my eye so i got up and washed it i rinsed it multiple times but its still there i don't see it though and every time i blink it hurts later it got all red (this is my right eye) and the rigth side is really red the top isn't too red niether is the left side when i look to the left it hurts when i tried to go to sleep it hurt at first my mom gave me sustain eye drops and i take a paper towel with cold water and put it over my eye also my right eye is smaller than my left eye now (BTW i'm 11 yrs old) so I don't know if its infected or what happened. now after i went to sleep for a little while the feeling that somethings in my eye is gone but it still hurts when i blink
—Guest Violet


I woke up one morning and felt like my eye had a bruise or something. I went to look in the mirror and saw nothing but then it got itchy and I kept scratching my eye but then later it got worse. I'm guessing I shouldn't have itched. Now the bump is there but not really noticeable, but it hurts whenever I blink.
—Guest Lollipop

Ouch my stye

I'm only 11 and I don't know what to do...I have a stye on my eye and it hurts really bad....what do i do?
—Guest kaitlin


I woke up this morning feeling like someone had socked me in the corner of my left eye! It hurts a lot and it's so red! Every time I blink it hurts! It even waters a lot as if I've got something in my eye! It's so annoying! Someone please HELP because nothing seems to be working
—Guest Cherrish

Do I Have A Stye?

I'm not sure if I have a stye because I can't see a zit-like thing on my eyelid or anythng else, it just hurts to blink. My right bottom eyelid is swollen...help!
—Guest Claire


Some of you are crazy. It's a stye, not herpes. They come and go. Why are you embarrassed about it?
—Guest Bayless

What should I do?

This is my first stye. I am 17 years old and I've had it for about 2 months or less. At first it hurt but then it stopped, but for the past couple of days it hurts! I've been putting hot water on it and it kind of got bigger! I don't know if that's normal. Should I go to the emergency room?
—Guest Nana

Suffer for many years

I am suffering from a stye now and I am in a lot of pain. I find I hurt more in the sun so I tend to stay inside. I have tried the warm washcloth but it only helps for a minute or two. I have eye cream on but only relieves for 3 hours. Please bring back golden eye cream that I found worked the best.

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What Do Eye Styes Feel Like?

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