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Readers Respond: What Do Eye Styes Feel Like?

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Updated September 09, 2009

Watery, ugly eye

It feels like water is surrounding my eye, and it feels like something heavy on my eyelid every time I blink.
—Guest Naimah

What the heck?

I woke up the morning with a bruise-like feeling in my bottom left eyelid. I had this a lot of times before, but is it a stye? Please let me know.
—Guest layla mc

My stye

My stye feels like someone jammed their knuckle right on the edge of my eye socket. My eyes won't stop watering and every time I blink it begins to hurt again, and sunlight kills my eyes now. I just want it to go away! So far the only thing that sort of relieved the pain was a hot, wet towel.
—Guest Taylor c


I hate when I get it, mostly 4 - 5 times a year, but I think it is because of the makeup . A stye hurts and it makes your eye look nasty with a big red bump on your eyelid. I try to put a warm towel on my eye and that's what works best. Good luck - it will last about 3 days.
—Guest Beverly

This is annoying!

I'm 12 and yesterday I felt like I had a black eye but I didn't see anything so I went to my mom. she said it is a stye and it should go away fast.
—Guest Jake

Persistant stye

I''ve had my stye from almost a year now. The weird thing is, it swells only if I take antibiotics for something like a fever or throat ache. The rest of the time it's just a small bump there. I popped it yesterday, when it had that small white dot on the center, and through it a little white fluid came out, but it wasn't as much as most of the people have described. I just hope it doesn't rise from the dead again.
—Guest brittannie

Stupid stye

I got a stye last year in the left corner of my right eye, and now I can feel one coming up again, but in the right corner - makes me look ugly.
—Guest Annon

Eye Stye

I've been getting these since high school. I used to go to the doc. and get those dandy eye drops, but found if you touch the dropper to your eye on accident the infection contaminates the bottle. so looking for a home remedy i learned a damp mint tea bag was the absolute best solution for me. it soothed the pain, and reduced the swelling. do not get sugar on it if your like me and drink the tea you make with the tea bag since sugar tends to feed bacteria, and would potentially worsen the infection.
—Guest annie lee

My face hurts.

I'm 38 years old. This is the first time I have had a stye and it feels like someone hit me or slapped me very hard on the right side of my face. I have tried hot tea bags and hot wash cloths and nothing seems to work...what do I do?
—Guest tam


Ok so, I'm 13 years old and today the teachers were on strike so I had a day off school. I went out for the day with my grandma and all of a sudden I get this pain in my right eye and it really hurts when I blink or touch it, it feels like I have a black eye, but whatever this is I have made it worse by touching it, rubbing it, putting mascara on and eyeshadow. It hurts.
—Guest kaza

Trust me

Hey everyone! So I have had these plenty of times and they are a pain to deal with but everyone gets one so don't worry. The thing is, it can come from basically anything. I have gotten styes ever since I was 2 so I know what it feels like. DON'T ever pick at it or get tweezers, it will make it worse. What is good to do is get a wash cloth, go to a sink, put hot water on it and put it on your eye. Apply pressure but not too much. When it is starting to hurt your eye or eyes, you want to do this throughout the day. WHY? Well because it will loosen up and go away faster. If you wake up and you can't open up your eye dont worry, it's just crusty. Don't force your eyelid open, it will hurt really bad. All you need to do is just get a warm cloth, put it on your eye, and slowly open your eye. I hope that I helped you and sorry about the stye.
—Guest Ashlyn Thompson


Well, I was at the movies and I blinked and all of the sudden it started to hurt. I got home and saw a little lump on the inner coner of my right eye...I don't know how I got it.
—Guest kayerrz

Mine seems like some of yours...

I'm 13 and last night my eye felt fine, but suddenly it felt like a bruise in the corner of my eye whenever I blinked!! Is it a stye??
—Guest guestbear

Stupid Stye

I am 12 and wear contact lenses. I believe my stye came from the contacts. It hurts so much. I tried rubbing gold on it, and it feels a little better. I guess I'll let you know tomorrow.
—Guest Alyssa

Golden Stye

I just got a stye, and my mom told me to take her gold ring, clean it, and rub the gold on wherever the stye was. I looked at her oddly, but she said that if you rub the gold on the stye, it'll help make it go away. I'm trying it out now, and I'll let you know how it works.
—Guest Guest-Help.

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