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Readers Respond: What Do Eye Styes Feel Like?

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Updated September 09, 2009

i get them all the time-my treatment

I get these all the time and I usually use a warm teabag to help the pain and swelling.
—Guest stye girl

I've had this for 2 months!

My upper eyelid is swollen but it doesn't hurt at all because I'm so used to having these all the time. It's a small bump but it kind of itches and I dont know if I should pop it because my parents say it's not ready yet. It's really embarrassing because people keep asking what's wrong with my eye. I hope this is my last bump!
—Guest heyhey

Stupid styes

I woke up one morning and my eye hurt when I blinked. It is so annoying and when I touch it, it aches and is very itchy. There is no lump or anything on my eye but I think it's a stye. It is so annoying. Can someone please give me any idea of what I can do?
—Guest Joel

Please help

I don't know if I have a stye. My eye hurts when I blink. I think it's in my inner eye but I can't tell. What should I do?
—Guest susie

Drain it

I have had a few styes in my time. Once they get yellow and are pus-filled, I get a clean pin and very gently rub it over and over the area until it bursts open. I then gently squeeze all the pus out of it and it usually fills up once again before it starts to heal. I know they say not to do that but if you use a clean pin and are gentle it will help to heal the stye and take away the redness and pain once you drain the pus.
—Guest Rob

I hate them

I had a huge project to work on. Stress and sleepless nights did me in. It appeared two days ago, a large red bump near my tear duct. It hurts whenever I blink and my eyes water frequently. Hot towels help tremendously, though I am unable to use any sort of numbing drop (my parents refuse to medicate it).
—Guest Miles

Sore left eye

I felt a sore bruising spot in my lower left eye all of a sudden. It still fells sore five hours later. Is this a stye?
—Guest glen


I'm 14 and I woke up one morning and it felt like my eye was brused. It is red and swollen. I have never had one before and it is so noticable.
—Guest Taylor

Styes are a pain...literally

I have one on the outter corner of my left eyelid. It's not very big, but it's red and hurts every time I blink.
—Guest shayla

Eye bags swelling

I'm not sure if this is an eye stye or not. I got this a year ago already. I'm afraid for an operation but others said this is just a minor eye problem so no need to worry much. I've got hard eye bags and they're swelling on the inside. I dont know what this is but it sure bothers me. I need help please.
—Guest kristin

In pain

I have a stye now. I am embarrassed to look at people as it is all red with a large white pimple that appears to be spreading! it hurts real bad! I've tried compresses and medicine suggested by the pharmacist and it seems to be getting worse. OUCH!
—Guest Dana

Having a second attack

I'm 62 and suffered a major stye attack last November It started on the lower lid of my right eye. I landed in the hospital for almost a week with IV antibiotic treatments. This morning I woke up with another stye on the same spot. I hate to go through this whole thing again. Why is this happening and what's the best way to avoid the last episode?
—Guest Pamela

Stye feelings

I have one right now and it's killing me. I mean every time I blink it hurts, it itches and I put a hot towel on it. That brings the pain down a little. I went to sleep, woke up, and it was bigger.
—Guest jusMe


I have one right now...I got it when I went outside!

Second stye, same spot

I got my first one two years ago when I was sick with that season's flu. I went to the minute-clinic and got antibiotic oitment and it went away. Now I'm sick again and it's coming back. I think I'm going to let it come to a head and pop as it's in the exact same spot and there may be something in there that will hopefully come gushing out in a couple of days like a satisfying pimple. Who knows...it may go away on it's own. I really wish I hadn't thrown out that cream before Christmas.
—Guest StyeGuy

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