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Readers Respond: Eye Gunk, Boogers, Goop...What Do You Call It?

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Updated June 18, 2010

From the article: Eye Mucus Types
Everyone has a name for it, that mucus discharge that sometimes collects in the corners of our eyes. Eye mucus can be caused by simple eye irritation or, more seriously, eye infection. If you've ever had to deal with eye mucus, what did your eyes feel like? How would you describe it? Share your experiences with (and nasty namesakes for) eye mucus.

eye mucus

Yellow Eye Mucus Yellow mucus along with a small lump or nodule on your eyelid can be caused by a stye. Eyelid glands sometimes become clogged and infected and leak mucus. You might be tempted to release the trapped mucus by squeezing it like a pimple, but it is generally recommended that you don't because you may wind up with a skin infection. White or Yellow Balls of Eye Mucus White or yellow mucus balls in watery tears is a common sign of dacryocystitis, an infection of the nasolacrimal sac or tear drainage system. If you have dacryocystitis, you may complain of facial pain, redness and swelling around the nasal part of the eyelid. You may also notice a discharge coming out of the puncta, a small drainage hole in the eyelid. This condition can become serious if not treated promptly with antibiotics. Thick Crusty Eye Mucus Thick crusty mucus on your eyelids and eyelashes may be caused by a condition called blepharitis. Blepharitis is sometimes caused by a bacteria found on your
—Guest tbone

Red eyes

Itchy eyelids and yellow discharge My eyelids are start irritated and itchy from this am and yellowish green chunks of mucus come out on both ends of my eyes. No matter how much I clean them out more comes. Do you know what are the possibility can cause?
—Guest Joyce


My 5-year-old daughter has green goop coming out of her left eye. It's red and glossy and she has a little bit of a fever and a runny nose, and a bit of a cough. She says her eye doesn't hurt her. What do I do? What is it?
—Guest Loni


Ive been sick for 2 weeks and slowly recovering. The last 3 days I have been getting dried mucus, slimy in the eyes, and in the inner corner. What is causing it? Should I go to a doctor? I also have been coughing mucus a whole lot too. Help!
—Guest Fam

Toxic eye ooze

The ooze that comes out of my eye actually caused a cut on the outside of my eye and is very painful.
—Guest lyse Paquette

Clearish yellow mucus

I have had excessive watering during the day, but at night it builds up into a thick yellowish clear mucus. It's been getting worse over the last two weeks. I'm a little worried about loss of eyesight but my vision is okay during the day after I clean the mucus that sealed them shut overnight.
—Guest Sim


Well it's not me but my mom...her eye produces a thick slimey water and then she cannot see clearly. She went to several doctors but not much help. I really need some advice. She sometimes feels like she is going to lose her sight. I am very scared if that should ever happen.
—Guest Reg
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