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Readers Respond: Eye Gunk, Boogers, Goop...What Do You Call It?

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Updated June 18, 2010

From the article: Eye Mucus Types
Everyone has a name for it, that mucus discharge that sometimes collects in the corners of our eyes. Eye mucus can be caused by simple eye irritation or, more seriously, eye infection. If you've ever had to deal with eye mucus, what did your eyes feel like? How would you describe it? Share your experiences with (and nasty namesakes for) eye mucus. Share Your Experiences

Transparent glue

Every morning I wake up with this transparent mucus around my eyes that kind if glues then together, for a while I can't even open my eyes or see clearly. The rest of my day is fine, my eyes don't even hurt or anything, it's only in the morning
—Guest Sasha

answers for this problem

Where are there answers to all these questions regarding stuff in your eyes.. HELP
—Guest Sue

eye mucus balls

This happens to me alot eyes feel gritty then when I mess with them theres little balls of mucus. Have dry eyes
—Guest dana

eye mucus balls

This happens to me alot eyes feel gritty then when I mess with them theres little balls of mucus. Have dry eyes
—Guest dana


I have this stringy like mucus that wraps around my eye. And it causes me to constantly mess with my eyes. It's very painful. And irritating. It causes my eye to swell and stick shut.
—Guest Kensie damrell.

White eye discharge

For the last 5 hours have white discharge n corner of my eye . Keep clean it but after a while there is one more there . What is it ? What I have to do ? Please help
—Guest behnoush

Looks like yogurt

No eye pain or irritation....I'm near-sighted so have worn glasses since childhood. Most mornings for about 5 years now I awake with white yogurt-looking stuff in the outside corner of my right eye. It is not slimy or sticky. Some days it shows up again in the same place throughout the day. On a few occasions it has appeared in the outer corners of both eyes. Usually it happens when I'm just generally not feeling well. I feel really lousy on the days it has been in both eyes. What's up with this stuff?
—Guest Pat

Eye gunk

Oh I've come upon this problem when I was 12 now 49 at first it was like a piece of thread know like apiece. Of twine all day long it's not pretty I'm always messing with my eyes
—Guest Lowsnoopy

Sticky Eye

A sticky liquid keep on coming from the eyes of my 9 year old son. Eyes become red and he keep on rubbing them. We tried many doctors but in vain. Kindly suggest what should we do ?
—Guest Rukhsana


I have had mucus in the corners of my eyes for 7 years and my eyes tear all the time. The doctor says I have high pressure. The mucus is gross and embarrassing along with the tearing, and the mucus is yellow, and if I squeeze my bottom lids small balls of puss come out. My vision is blurry and I have a hard time seeing at night while I drive. My eyelids are often red.
—Guest Jeannie

Itchy eyelids and yellow discharge

My eyelids are very irritated and itchy all of the time and yellowish green chunks of mucus come out on both ends of my eyes. No matter how much I clean them out more comes, some even come from the top of my eyelashes and makes it hard for me to open my eyes.
—Guest Monica


Everyday and all day my eye has white stringy stuff in it and I always sub my finger on it to get it out. I've has it for 2 year's now. Ans its always red. I only get a lot of mucus in it at night. And I don't know why.
—Guest maddy

Mucus and scratchy

I have what feels like mucus in my eyes and sinuses feel plugged on my forehead and around my eyes. I went to two eye doctors and they made me new glasses and neither one is working, I still have blurry vision! I am at my wit's end and don't know what to do next! Anyone else have problems like mine?
—Guest susiet

White stringy mucus

I've had this mucus for ages. It's like a stringy mucus I get when I rub my eyes.
—Guest Hi

Long slimy crap

Every couple of minutes I will feel something stuck in both of my eyes and it will obstruct my view. When I look into the mirror I will see this white string sitting in there, and when I rub them I will pull this long stringy slimy crap from both of my eyes. It's very frustrating and annoying. What causes this?

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Eye Gunk, Boogers, Goop...What Do You Call It?

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