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What is custom LASIK?


Updated November 30, 2009

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Question: What is custom LASIK?
Answer: Custom LASIK is a type of LASIK eye surgery that is able to better correct a wider range of vision problems than traditional LASIK surgery.

Traditional LASIK eye surgery is based on your individual prescription and is able to correct your degree of nearsightedess, farsightedess, or astigmatism. Custom LASIK goes a step further, however, by measuring your visual imperfections in a more personalized and detailed manner.

Custom LASIK involves studying higher order aberrations , or individual deviations from normal vision, such as blurring, glare and halos. Since these personalized visual imperfections are not taken into account with traditional LASIK procedures, custom LASIK claims to leave you with the best vision possible for your eyes.

Custom LASIK eye surgery uses Wavefront technology to track your eye movements much faster than traditional methods. This Wavefront system produces a detailed map of your eyes, much like a fingerprint. The map is then sent to the laser system and acts as a guide during the surgical procedure, allowing your surgeon to customize the reshaping of your cornea.

A thorough consultation with your eye surgeon will be required to determine if you are a good candidate for custom LASIK. A custom LASIK surgery procedure usually takes about five or ten minutes per eye; both eyes can be treated on the same day.


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