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Eye Exam Tools and Equipment

Glossary of eye examination tools and equipment terms.

Air Puff Test
Learn the definition of air puff test.

Amsler grid
The amsler grid is an easy screening test that can be performed at home.

Corneal topographer
A corneal topographer projects a series of illuminated rings onto the corneal surface, which are reflected back into the instrument.

Cycloplegic Refraction
Learn the definition of cycloplegic refraction.

Why do eye doctors dilate the eyes?

Learn the definition of diopter.

Learn the definition of electroretinogram.

Eyeglass Prescription
Learn the definition of an eyeglass prescription.

An exophthalmometer is a tool used to measure reference points of the eye. Learn about this eye measurement tool.

Fixation Preference Test (FPT)
Learn the definition of FTP in children's vision.

Fluorescein Angiography
Learn the meaning of fluorescein angiography, a test used by eye doctors to examine the blood cirulation inside the retina.

The GDx is a tool that uses laser to determine the thickness of the nerve fiber layer.

A gonioscope is used to view the front part of the eye between the cornea and the iris.

Infrared Pupillometer
An infrared pupillometer is used to measure pupils.

Ishihara Color Test
Learn the definition of the Ishihara color test.

Manual keratometer
A keratometer is a medical instrument that uses corneal reflections to measure the curvature of the cornea to determine how flat or steep the cornea is compared to average or normal.

An instrument used in examining the interior of the eye.

Optical Coherence Tomography
Learn the meaning of optical coherence tomography, or OCT.

A test used to determine corneal thickness.

PAM Test
Learn the definition of the PAM test for cataracts.

Learn the definition of refraction.

RPS Adeno Detector
Learn the definition of RPS Adeno Detector.

Slit Lamp
A slit lamp is a microscope with a light attached that allows the doctor to closely examine the eye.

Snellen Eye Chart
A Snellen eye chart is the eye chart used by your eye doctor to check vision acuity.

A tonometer is used to measure the pressure inside the eye.

Vision Correction
Learn the definition of vision correction.

Visual Field Test
Learn the definition of visual fiels test.

Wavefront aberrometer
Scanning diagnostic instrument which uses wavefront technology to measure the wavefront errors (aberrations) of the eye.

Cycloplegic Eye Drop
Learn the definition of cycloplegic eye drop.

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