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Pharyngoconjunctival Fever


Updated September 04, 2013

Definition: A highly infectious illness characterized by red eyes and a severe sore throat, and sometimes accompanied by fever, rhinitis, and swollen lymph nodes. Fever is sudden or gradual, ranging from 100 to 104 degrees and lasting up to 10 days. Initial symptoms of the eyes are itching, burning and tearing, and possibly swelling of the eyelids. Mild discharge and crusting of the eyelids may also occur in severe cases.

Pharyngoconjunctival fever is often seen in small outbreaks among school-age children. It occurs when a virus known as adenovirus affects the lining of the eye as well as the respiratory tract. PCF usually affects both eyes, with one eye generally affected more severely. This condition is extremely contagious. Treatment is mainly focused on alleviating symptoms, typically with cold compresses and artificial tears.

Also Known As: PCF

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