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Can I Store My Contact Lenses in Plain Tap Water?


Updated January 18, 2008

Question: Can I Store My Contact Lenses in Plain Tap Water?
I ran out of solution. Can I store my contact lenses in plain tap water?
Answer: No. Contact lenses should never be stored in tap water, nor should they be rinsed with tap water. Tap water often contains microorganisms that can latch onto the lenses, encouraging eye infections. Studies have shown that an organism called acanthamoeba is sometimes found in tap water. Acanthamoeba has been known to cause a devastating eye infection that can destroy the cornea, and sometimes the entire eye. Always use a contact lens solution for storing your contacts. Place your lenses in a clean lens case and fill with solution for soaking and disinfecting. Rinse the storage case everyday with sterile rinsing solution, and always allow the storage case to air dry.

If you wear contacts, be careful when it comes to hygiene. Carefully follow your doctor's instructions for disinfecting and caring for your lenses.

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