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Troy Bedinghaus, O.D.

Cataracts Before 50?

By March 31, 2009

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From the Vision forum:

A question for the doctor from rumapaskiainen:

I have a friend who is only 46 and is going for cataract surgery. I always thought that it was only people almost twice his age that need cataract surgery. How common is it to have cataracts before 50?

Answer from the doctor:

Cataracts usually occur in younger people for a few different reasons...diabetics have a specific type of early cataract called posterior subcasular cataract. You can also develop them from taking steriods for a prolonged period of time. Eye trauma can cause cataracts as well. You can also be born with congenital cataracts but usually they do not worsen throughout life.

Tell him not to worry...young people usually fly through cataract surgery with ease.

Cataract Resources:

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